BC290: Goodwin Collection Photographs Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
bp_a2_bc290_02 St John the Baptist in the Wilderness Item
bp_a2_bc290_11 Fortress of Libolo Item 1944
bp_a2_bc290_13 Fortress of Libolo Item 1944
bp_a2_bc290_15 Stone implements from various sites Item 1929
bp_a2_bc290_19 Tugela River Item
bp_a2_bc290_24 Stone implements Item
bp_a2_bc290_33 Excavationof Z2 ritual pit Item
bp_a2_bc290_37 Rock art at Nyapani Item
bp_a2_bc290_42 Rockslide at Thaba Bosego Item
bp_a2_bc290_46 Large buck Item
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