Centre for Popular Memory (CPM) Archive Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
A1.1 [Art1] Bias in the Media (1) (Eng) Item 1980
A3.1 [Amu1] Cape Jazz Musicians (23) (Eng) Item 2007
A3.3 [Amu3] Cape Town Jazz Musicians and Forced Removals (6) (Eng) Item undated
A5 AVI Visual Subseries 1985-2011
A5.1 [Avi1] Pissarra Sub-collection on Political Cartoonists (5) (Eng) Item 1985-1990
A5.3 [Avi3] Bauhaus (6) (Eng) Item undated
A5.5 [Avi5] Visual Arts (20) (Eng/Xho) Item undated
B COMMUNITIES Series 1977-2012
B2.6 [Cwc6] Harfield Village/Claremont (41) (Eng) Item undated
B2.8 [Cwc8] Informal Settlements (11) (Xho) Item 1985-1988
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