Victor Norton Papers Inventory list

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B Aide-Memoires Of Interviews Series
A11-A12 Clipping from Hansard on Breach of privilege. Attached is typed note on procedure to be followed regarding report on Mr Russell in the Cape Times. Also typed notes on precedents. Subseries
B5 Conversation between Mr. Norton and Fortress Commander, Tuesday, January 16, 1945. 3p. TS. Subseries
B8 Conversation with C.S. [mis-type of J.S.? Jan Smuts?] at C.S.C. on 14.10.48. 2p. Discusses South African politics after the defeat of the United Party by the Nationalist Party in 1948. Subseries
B4 Conversation with General Smuts in his room in the House on April 4th 1944. 4p. TS. (2 copies) Subseries
B9 Conversation with J.G.N. Strauss at Cape Times office on 9.12.48. 3p. TS. Subseries
B6 Conversation with the Prime Minister on Tuesday, January 16, 1945, at his office in Parliament Street. 5p. TS. Subseries
A7-A8 Copy letter from VN to the Clerk of the Senate, re published speech of Mr Hamilton Russell, M.P., 9 Mar 1960. Also Letter from Clerk of the Senate, acknowledging receipt of the letter, 9 Mar 1960. Subseries
A1 Copy letter from Victor Norton to Field-Marshall, the Rt. Hon. J C Smuts, 31 Mar 1944 Subseries
A2 Copy note from Victor Norton to “Sir Alfred”, dated “Tuesday”, enclosing letter from Frank Theron to VN, 25 Sep 1944 Subseries
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