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The Colin Legum Papers File
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University of Oxford

E148.1 CorrespondenceE148.1.1 Letter from Richard Cohen to Colin Legum dated 4 November 1970E148.1.2 Letter from Colin Legum to Richard Cohen dated 11 November 1970E148.1.3 Letter from Oxford Liberal Club to Colin Legum dated 17 November 1955E148....

University of Dar es Salaam

E144.1 CorrespondenceE144.1.1 Telex to Colin Legum inviting him to participate in an international Conference from 24-31 May 1985E144.1.2 Letter from Ibrahim Msabaha to Colin Legum dated 16 July 1985E144.1.3 Letter from Colin Legum to Ibrahim Msab...

University of Stirling

E151.1.1 Letter dated 9 April 1976 from University of Stirling regarding a meeting at which Colin Legum was to speak on "Storm clouds over the Zambezi"


E153.1.1 Letter from Colin Legum to Cliff Bale of UNYSA dated 28 October 1972

The International Institute for Strategic Studies

E126.1 CorrespondenceE126.1.1 Letter from IISS to Colin Legum dated 18 March 1975E126.1.2 Letter from IISS to Colin Legum dated 26 March 1975E126.1.3 Letter from Colin Legum's secretary to IISS dated 8 April 1975E126.1.4 Letter from IISS to C...

The London History Teachers' Association

E128.1 CorrespondenceE128.1.1 Letter from Tom Hastie to Colin Legum dated 15 March 1973E128.1.2 Letter from Colin Legum to Tom Hastie dated 20 March 1973E128.1.3 Letter from Tom Hastie to Colin Legum dated 27 March 1973E128.1.4 Letter from Colin L...

The Center for Strategic and International Studies

E122.1 ListE122.1.1 Participant list for Indian Ocean Conference, 18-19 March 1971E122.2 ProgrammeE122.2.1 Programme for Conference "Africa: Continuity and change in the 1980s", 1-2 May 1980, CaliforniaE122.2.2 Letter from CSIS to member...

The George Washington University

E124.1 CorrespondenceE124.1.1 Letter dated 10 March 1977 inviting Colin Legum to participate in a colloquium on US-USSR-Eastern Europe relationsE124.1.2 Letter to Colin Legum dated 24 March 1977E124.2 ProgrammeE124.2.1 Programme for colloquium on ...

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