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Garlick Ltd Papers
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Garlick Ltd Papers

  • ZA UCT BC292
  • Fonds
  • 1875-1954

The collection consists of the business records of companies established by John Garlick, most notably of Garlick Ltd. There is also material dealing with the personal and public life of John Garlick (1852-1930).By far the largest section (C) cons...

Garlick Ltd


J1 Eric Rosenthal: The Garlick Story (Box 101)J2 Eric Rosenthal: Across the Counter and Down the Years: Stuttaford & Co (Box 101)J3 Eric Rosenthal: The Jagger Story (Box 101)


H1 Photographs: East London (Box 100)H2 CD of Scanned Photos ex MacMillan Collection, UCT Libraries (Box 100)


G1 Chamber of Commerce and Merchants’ Committee. 1890-1929 (Box 98)G2 Public affairs. 1884-1917 (3f) (Box 99)G3 Charities and gifts (2f) (Box 100)G4 Nelspoort. 1906-1937 (Box 100)


F1 Shipping freights. 1887-1927 (4f) (Box 97)F2 Shopkeeping: general correspondence. 1885-1927 (Box 98)F3 Innovations. 1891-1923 (Box 98)F4 Miscellaneous. 1893-1914 (Box 98)

Garlick’s Furniture Store (Manager: H E Richold)

E3.1 Legal papers, reports, sundry papers. 1895-1899 (Box 94)E3.2 Agreements, balance sheets, reports. 1895-1899 (Box 94)E3.3 Correspondence and papers concerning H E Richold (Box 95)E3.4 Correspondence, in chronological order. 1895-1900 (2f) (Box...

Remington Typewriter Agency

E2.1 General Correspondence. 1898-1918; 1921-1923 & undated (7f) (Boxes 91, 92)E2.1.1 Memoranda. 1898-1932 (Box 93)E2.2 Remington, Cape Town. 1888-1913 (Box 93)E2.3 Remington, Durban. 1898-1909 (3f) (Box 93)E2.4 East London. 1898-1933 (Box 94)...

Garlick’s Motor and Cycle Supply

E1.1 Cycles, 1886-1904, (Note: Garlick’s Cycle Supply became Garlick’s Motor & Cycle Supply) (Box 90)E1.2 Motor cycles and cars, 1897-1933 (2f) (Box 91)

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