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The Colin Legum Papers File
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Close Brothers

E30.1.1 Report of a seminar “The development prospects for Southern Sudan in the event of peace” (London, 10 August 1995; Colin Legum participant)

Commonwealth Press Union

E34.1 CorrespondenceE34.1.1 Letter from CPU to Colin Legum dated 1 August 1980E34.1.2 Letter from Colin Legum to CPU dated 8 August 1980

Defence Study Centre

E36.1 CorrespondenceE36.1.1 Letter from DSC to Colin Legum dated 30 March 1978E36.1.2 Letter from Major General WJ Eldridge to Colin Legum dated 3 December 1952E36.1.3 Letter from DSC to Colin Legum dated 19 March 1976E36.1.4 Letter from DSC to Co...

Evangelischen Akademie

E43.1 ProgrammeE43.1.1 Programme for seminar on "Uganda in crisis", 2-4 November 1984E43.2 StatementE43.2.1 Statement and list of participants from seminar on "Uganda in crisis", 2-4 November 1984

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

E45.1 CorrespondenceE45.1.1 Letters dated 14 January 1969 and 18 February 1969 to Colin Legum regarding a lecture on "Communism in Africa" to be delivered to members of the Diplomatic Service; programme includedE45.1.2 Letter from JR Jam...

Georgetown University

E48.1 ProgrammeE48.1.1 Programme and list of questions for seminar on the Nigeria-Biafra conflict, featuring Colin Legum, to be held on 22 May 1969

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