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Bright-Bleek letters

The Bright-Bleek Letters form a remarkable collection of correspondence that spans two decades. There are 140 letters amounting to over 550 pages in the collection. Most of them are written on a quarto airmail sheets folded in half to provide four...

Dorothea Frances Bleek's unpublished notes

E5.1.1 "Bushmen" an unpublished(?) article by D F Bleek. c1920's-1930's. TSE5.1.2 Lecture or article by D F Bleek: "Wuras. An Outline of the Bushman Language". Unpublished(?) n.d. MS.E5.1.3-E5.1.4 Map showing the ...

Lucy Catherine Lloyd's unpublished notes

E4.1.1-E4.1.17 Bushman folklore. Stories gathered by Lucy Lloyd and W H I Bleek. c.1870-1882? TSS 17E4.2.1-E4.2.4 Bushman names of stars and stories connected with them, collected by W H I Bleek and Lucy Lloyd, Jan.-Feb. 1873. MSS. 4E4.3.1-E4....

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