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"Bushman" notes

"Bushman" notes, possibly by M Wilman? Consists of a series of anecdotes by white farmers from the Calvinia, Murraysburg, Victoria West and Vosburg districts. MS and TSS copies

A Comparative Dictionary of Bushman Languages

D3.24.1-D3.24.5 "A Comparative Dictionary of Bushman Languages", introduction by D F Bleek as well as a biographical note, c.1946?,and "Introduction to the Dictionary" by J A Engelbrecht, c.1956. MS & TSS.D3.24.6 Early d...

Academia Literarum et Scientiarum Regia Boica

Te, GULIELMUM BLEEK, curarorem bibliothecae Greyanae, propter praaeclara de indagandislinguis Africa australis merita Socium ordinaarium in consessu die XXVIII. Mensis Junii habitocooptavit.Postquam hoc novum inter nos consortium auctoritate Regia...


D3.13-D3.13.2 Reprint of "!Kung Mythology", edited by D F Bleek, published in "Zeitschrift fur Eingeborenensprachen", vol. XXV (4), 1935. p.261-283. 3 copies.


"Beliefs and Customs of the /Xam Bushmen". From material collected by Dr W H I Bleek and L C Lloyd between 1870 and 1880. Edited by D F Bleek. Part VIII. More about sorcerors and charms. Reprinted from "Bantu Studies", June 19...


Part of an article (?) by D F Bleek (?) on African Languages. n.d. p.2-4. TS.


D3.9-D3.9.1 Reprint of "Bushman Grammar", an article by Dorothea F Bleek, published in "Zeitschrift fur Eingeborenensprachen", vol. XIX (2), 1929. p.81-98. 2 copies.


D3.10 Reprint of "Bushman Grammar ... the verb", by D F Bleek, published in "Zeitschrift fur Eingeborenensprachen", vol. XX, 1929-30. p.161-174.

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