Liza Key Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1.98 Library Material for Key Films Item 1998
B1.100 Untitled Item Undated
B1.102 War On The Border - bodybags Item Undated
B1.105 Mrs Weber, Snellers, Verbatim Item Undated
B1.111 61 Basson Court Recording Item Undated
B1.113 Basson as read by Lionel Item Undated
B1.114 Swakopmund, Skeleton Coast (Long shadow) Item Undated
B1.116 Basson Press Conference Item Undated
C1.2 Tape 4 (Camera 1A): Jappies House, Peter Cloete and Willem Links, Tweefontein Item 2003
C1.4 Tape 6 (Camera 1A): Concordia; Johannes Bonn; Peter van de Heeve Item
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