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Archival description hierarchy

# Reference code Title Dates Access restrictions
1 ZA UCT BC1006_A_A1 A note by Dr F K Mitchell dated 18 March 1991 1991 None
2 ZA UCT BC1006_A_A2 Rough Notes undated None
3 ZA UCT BC1006_A_A3 Rough copy of notes submitted by Dr Mitchell to Justice Viljoen. (Photocopy) undated None
4 ZA UCT BC1006_B_B1 Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act 1965 (Act 45 of 1965) 1965 None
5 ZA UCT BC1006_B_B2 Extract from Government Gazette No R.2110, 9 November 1973. 1973 None
6 ZA UCT BC1006_B_B3 Documents recording the process of Appeal undated None
7 ZA UCT BC1006_B_B4 Correspondence 1969-1973 None
8 ZA UCT BC1006_B_B5 Maps, booklets, articles, reports relating to ISCOR and Air Pollution undated None
9 ZA UCT BC1006_C_C1 Documentary evidence brought before the Appeal Board. undated None
10 ZA UCT BC1006_C_C2 Record of Verbal evidence heard by the Appeal Board. undated None
11 ZA UCT BC1006_C_C3 Official Report of the Appeal Board 1973-1974 None
12 ZA UCT BC1006_D_D1 Letter from Justice G Viljoen to Dr F Mitchell 20 March 1974 (Photocopy) 1974 None
13 ZA UCT BC1006_D_D2 Letter from Minister of Health, Dr S van der Merwe, to Dr F Mitchell, 21 March 1973 (Photocopy). 1973 None
14 ZA UCT BC1006_D_D3 Letter from Dr F Mitchell to Minister of Health, Dr S Van der Merwe, 26 March 1974 (Photocopy). 1974 None