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Appeal for funds

Printed letter circulated by Lucy Lloyd, with copies of Bleek's second report, appealing for funds for printing the material collected by him and for him to do further research on Bushman language and folklore. MSS notes on the letter by Luc...

Australian and other dialects

E3.1.1-E3.1.8 Notes on Australian dialects made by Dr Bleek, taken from his copy of "Australian Grammars and Vocabularies", 1834-1846. MS. 8E3.1.9-E3.1.22 Letters to Dr Bleek and Lucy Lloyd giving information about Australian Aborigin...

Bleek's letters to his parents and siblings

C1.1-C1.16 Bleek's letters to his parents, written mainly from Berlin and Frankfurt, c.1848-1850. Fragile. MSSC1.1.1-C1.16.1 Transcriptions into modern German script of the above letters (C1.1 - C1.16) made by Franz Potyka's Mother, 19...


"The Mantis and his Friends", edited by Dorothea Bleek from the research done by Dr W H I Bleek and Lucy Lloyd.

Bushman language research

D1.13.1-D1.13.2 Draft report concerning the progress of recent inquiries into the Bushman language, 1873. 1st report. MS.D1.13.3 A halftitle and titlepage in MS., with a copy of a printed "Report of Dr Bleek concerning his Researches into t...


J4.1-J4.8 Photographs of Bushmen, some of Bushmen dancing 10J4.9 Photograph of an artifact, possibly made of wood. 1J4.10-J4.19 Photographs of Kalahari Bushmen, n.d. c.1936?10J4.20 Negatives of Kalahari Bushmen. 12J4.21-J4.23 Lists of phot...

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